“ecoFridge Production Company” Ltd,Ukraine is a Ukrainian developer and manufacturer of an eco-friendly nitrogen powered transport refrigeration system which brings down the costs of long-haul transportation of perishable foods while operating in complete harmony with the environment.

 Our Vision

At “ecoFridge Production Company” Ltd, Ukraine we strive to make the transport world greener through innovative cryogenic engineering.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help our clients trim their carbon footprint by delivering sustainable transport refrigeration solutions.


We sell a cryogenic refrigeration system natureFridge which uses liquid nitrogen to cool the trailer and presents a greener and cheaper alternative to conventional refrigeration systems. natureFridge is completely silent running, produces zero CO2 emissions and achieves a much faster temperature pulldown with no top freezing. The system has no compressor or moving parts and therefore requires virtually no maintenance.  It can be installed on various types of transportation vehicles.

 How it works

The liquid nitrogen which is stored at a temperature of -196 C in a low-pressure vacuum tank slung underneath the trailer is fed into the trailer through a system of valves and pipelines.  The nitrogen is then sprayed as a vapor directly into the load space through roof-mounted sprayers until the set temperature is achieved, which is controlled by temperature sensors.  The nitrogen vapor brings the temperature down evenly throughout the entire load space and does it much faster than conventional refrigeration systems even after multiple door openings.


Because with natureFridge you can save over $2,500 and 30 tons of CO2 per trailer per year!

The math is easy:  every hour an average diesel powered refrigeration unit consumes about 4 liters of diesel and emits 10.52 kg of CO2 into the air.  With an average of 3000 hours per year and with red diesel in Europe priced at around $1.00 per liter, a conventional refrigeration unit is likely to cost you over $12, 000.00 a year plus the cost of maintenance.

The natureFridge system which consumes an average of 24 liters of nitrogen per hour (depending on the season) at a price of around $0.13 per liter comes to an attractive $9,360.00 a year, requires virtually no maintenance aside from a routine checkup twice a year and helps you reduce your carbon footprint!  With natureFridge green fleet is a reality! Order the natureFridge system and start saving your money and the environment today!