Our after-sales service strategy is to have authorized service partners in different countries. Such a service infrastructure is already in place in France and South Africa. In markets such as Israel, the United Kingdom and Australia, the distributors in partnership with our engineers will provide all after-market support.

Besides existing AirNCS enables customers to track their vehicles/reefers in real time. Telemetric data gathered from all the cooling systems of a track is very important for system functioning analysis, nitrogen discharge analysis, and system modification process. AirNCS follows after the system work in real time conditions, and controls the history of alerts of every system component.

After sales technical support

“ecoFridge Production Company” Ltd, Ukraine will manufacture and install the system on or before the mutually agreed upon date. A commissioning certificate will be issued upon installation. From that point forward the trouble-free operation of your system will be ensured by our qualified technical support personnel.  ”ecoFridge Production Company” Ltd, Ukraine will also work with an appointed service provider to ensure a comprehensive and reliable after sales technical support and servicing of the system.  And even though the natureFridge system is unlikely to fail you on the road due to virtual absence of moving parts, you can rest assured that help will arrive fast when you need it.


The product of “ecoFridge Production Company” Ltd, Ukraine is warranted for a period of three (3) years.  The cryogenic vessel is warranted against loss of vacuum for a period of five (5) years.  Throughout the warranty period “ecoFridge Production Company” Ltd, Ukraine will stock requisite levels of replacement parts for our customer at the appointed service providers stock.  The appointed service provider will replace any faulty part free of charge within the duration of the warranty period. After the faulty part has been replaced, “ecoFridge Production Company” Ltd, Ukraine will re-stock the appointed service provider with a brand new part for free. The appointed service provider will then pay for return shipment of the faulty part upon manufacturer’s request.  Extended warranty starts after the warranty period has expired, subject to a separate extended warranty agreement.

Refrigerator temperature modes control system

is designed to maintain the preset low temperature ranges inside the cargo space of a trailer. The refrigerator temperature modes control system incorporates elements of the safety system which restrict access inside the compartments of a transportation vehicle if the concentration of oxygen is below the required value.

Electromechanical lock

is designed for installation on doors of independent low-temperature refrigerated compartments. The body of truck is divided into several compartments, each compartment supports independent temperature. Electromechanical lock locks the doors, preventing unauthorized access to the refrigerated compartments or unlocks for loading – unloading. Electromechanical lock is equipped with its own safety system and is associated with the system thermal management.


is a part of the nitrogen cooling system designed to evenly spray liquid nitrogen supplied from the cryogenic vessel to the cargo space via delivery pipelines.

Filling unit for a vacuum vessel

is an integral part of the filling system of vacuum vessels and is designed to connect the filling hose from an external gas station to the filling pipeline of vacuum vessel to fill it with liquid nitrogen. The Filling unit for vacuum vessels consists of an adapter, stainless steel frame and covers. The adapter is closed with the specially threaded plug, which prevents moisture, dust and other contaminants from entering into the filling pipeline during operation.