"ecoFridge Production Company" Ltd, Ukraine has developed a safety system with multiple self-diagnostics and backup mechanisms to ensure that the cooling system is completely safe to operate at all times. The logic of the safety system is programmed to release nitrogen into the trailer’s cargo space only when the doors are closed.

natureFridge has several safety features :

● System operates at low pressures (1 bar), thus reducing risk of accidents.
● Refill limits avoid overfilling of tanks.
● LN2 tank is HazMat certified.
● Driver warning panel indicates system status.

Safety subSystem and why it is needed:

Whilst N2 is environmentally friendly its harmful properties to human life must be accounted for, because the system removes oxygen from the load space it can add the danger of suffocation. Safety subsystem consists of various components to ensure that humans don’t enter the cargo space when oxygen levels are low within the cargo space.

● As soon as the doors are opened, the O2 sensors automatically check the internal atmosphere. The entry will be blocked by cable and bulkhead locks until the required O2 level is achieved (18% for Europe and 19% for USA and Australia). At the same time the ventilators ensure that the safe oxygen level is reached statistically in under 3 minutes.
● Each compartment has an independently powered two O2 sensors.
● The safety system is computer controlled and has multiple backup mechanism.
● Thanks to the natureFridge bulkheads, the temperature will remain constant in the front section while personnel can work in the remaining load space.
● Cable, bulkhead locks and special safety gate prevent access to load space until venting is complete.
● Audible and visual alerts advise operator when load space is ready for access.
● Should an operator become locked out in the load space, an independently powered emergency button will instantly shut off the spraying of nitrogen inside the load space. The driver will be notified of the event via loud audible alert and the message on the driver’s panel.
● The User, Service and Installation Manuals provide a detailed description of the functioning of the natureFridge system, including all the necessary safety measures.