Transport refrigeration system natureFridgeTM

natureFridgeTM is the lowest emission, lowest noise and highest performance truck cooling system for the refrigerated trucking market. The components of the system can be grouped into five subsystems, namely: Supply subsystem, consists of a liquid nitrogen storage tank.

Control subsystem, which consists of thermostatically operated control system that injects nitrogen as required. The operating control system is connected with temperature sensors, positioned in the interior space; these sensors allow temperature to be controlled very precisely.

Cooling subsystem is intended for two zone truck with one longitudinal and one crosswise bulkhead. Based on the temperature sensors response, the control valve regulates the precise flow of liquid nitrogen to the sprayer that releases nitrogen into the cargo space.

Safety subsystem consists of various components to ensure that humans don’t enter the cargo space when oxygen levels are low within the cargo space.

Power subsystem consists of batteries and charging system that is powered by either the truck’s engine and from an external power source.

Double-Decker Refrigeration Unit (trailer)

Refrigeration Unit Components: 1 - Vessel Block; 2 - Filling Unit; 3 - Control Block Box; 4 - Nitrogen Pipe; 5 - Sprayer Unit; 6 - Temperature Sensor Unit.

Refrigeration Unit Components, Directly Related to Safety: 1 - Vessel Block Safety Components: Mechanical Safety Relief Valve, Economizer Safety Relief Valve, Safety Burst Disc "OSECO", Electric Solenoid Safety Drain Valve, Vessel Control Unit, Digital Differential Pressure Sensor; 3 - Control Block Box Safety Components: Safety Control Board, Safety Patch Control Board, Independent Safety Relay (w/o microprocessor) Din 8915; 8 - Safety Gate; 9 - Oxygen Display Unit; 10 - Emergency STOP Button; 11 - Electric Lock; 12 - Magnetic Contact; 13 - Block of 2 independent Oxygen Sensors; 14- Driver Light Panel.

This model of the refrigeration system is designed to be fitted on a double-decker trailer that is 4 meters high and 13.6 meters long. Functioning within a temperature range of -30C to +20C to ambient, this configuration enables you to transport many diverse loads by supporting different temperatures on each of the levels of the trailer. The refrigeration system is completed with a 950 liter cryogenic tank for liquid nitrogen.

 Double-Decker Trailer
Refrigeration capacity, kW 21.9
Air flow No Air Flow, No top freezing
Pull down (+20÷-20), min 60
Pull down (+20÷-30), min 70
Max vehicle length, meters 14
Time for normal condition return after door open(-20), min 22
Onboard power 12/24V 12/24V
External power plug 110/230V with AC/DC conversion 110/230V
Weight empty, kg 720
Noise,dB 0
 Tank options
Life Cost Management
• 3 years fully warranty
• 5 years extended Δ
5000 hours service check interval
High performance battery
Data monitoring Management
Data Logger with USB interface
Maintenance logger -
"AirNCS remote vehicle GPS/GPRS monitoring system Δ
Load protection
"Freeze stop"
"Cargo protection" GPRS system Δ
Remote "Status light"
Safety "Sprayer protection" Δ
"Cable lock"
"Warning light with audible signal"  ● 
"Safety gate" Δ

Standard feature                    Δ Option: manufacturer installed