Health friendly

While traditional refrigeration dries out food stuffs during transportation, cooling with nitrogen locks in the moisture and preserves the texture, the color and the vitamins in all types of foods, including green vegetables such as lettuce, cabbages, cucumbers, etc. making them more health-friendly and helping prolong their shelf life. Moreover, nitrogen kills bacteria by causing hypoxia in their cells, whereas traditional cooling just slows bacteria growth. Therefore natureFridge preserves food in better shape and prevents food-borne illness at the same time!

For foods that require freezing natureFridge offers a further advantage. At (-196C) nitrogen enables rapid freezing which is healthier than slow freezing and ensures a much higher food quality after defrosting. During slow freezing the moisture freezes in large ice crystals that ruin the cell membranes at the thawing stage (this why the meat drips when being defrosted). Rapid freezing with nitrogen doesn't give the moisture enough time to accumulate in large ice crystals, so the cells are not damaged when the food thaws.