Zero emissions transport refrigeration

 A truck stop at a local supermarket can turn into a real ordeal for the entire neighborhood, especially on a hot summer day. The offensive odor of diesel combined with the rattling noise produced by the transport refrigeration unit make you want to drop everything and run far away from the place. With zero CO2 emissions and noise free operation natureFridge refrigeration system can put an end to that! The secret to natureFridge’s environmentally-friendly operation is nitrogen – a harmless, colorless and odorless gas constituting 78% of Earth’s atmosphere. natureFridge refrigaration system uses nitrogen in its liquid state at a temperature of (-196C) as the refrigerant. Since the cooling effect is achieved by spraying the nitrogen inside the trailer, no diesel is required to operate the natureFridge refrigaration unit.  Therefore absolutely no greenhouse gases or toxic substances are emitted into the atmosphere by refrigerant. It is reasonable to mention that liquid nitrogen is received as an ancillary product at some atmospheric gases production and liquid oxygen first of all*. Environmental impact is arisen not only from the fuel consumption of the diesel refrigeration system engines but from  refrigerant leakage to the environment. Some of refrigerants has the highest global warming potential of 3860 for R404A compared to 2060 for R410 and 1300 for R134A and will lead to the highest GHG emissions. According to published data** it can be determined that if a 10%-30% annual refrigerant leakage is assumed  GHG emissions from refrigerant leakage will be equal by GWP to 17%-40% of the emission from the engine of the refrigeration system. Assuming that an average compressor refrigeration system burns 12, 000 liters of diesel per year producing 2.63 kgs of CO2 per every liter burned** natureFridge refrigeration system can help you save over 30 tons of CO2 from the fuel and 3.3-12 tons of CO2 from refrigerant leakage. Total CO2 saving can reach up to 33.3-42 tons  per year with just one trailer. This translates into on an average 7,500 tons of saved CO2 emissions per year for a fleet of 200 refrigerated trailers – a significant reduction of carbon footprint for your greener business. A further environmental benefit of the natureFridge refrigaration system consists in presenting a sustainable alternative to ozone-depleting hydrofluorocarbons (HFC’s) refrigerants. The EU is currently limiting the use of HFC’s and is likely to implement a complete ban from 2015 in line with Kyoto Protocol thus rendering natureFridge your number one alternative solution.   * **