Cheaper to run

The lower running costs of the natureFridge system compared with a traditional diesel-powered refrigeration unit have been proven through comparative trials on two identical trailers one of which was fitted with an natureFridge system, and the other one with a regular diesel unit.

The math is easy: every hour an average diesel-powered refrigeration unit consumes about 4 liters of diesel at around $1.00 per liter. With an average input of 3000 hours per year, a conventional refrigeration unit is likely to cost you over $12, 000.00 a year plus the cost of maintenance.

The running costs of the natureFridge system are directly proportional to the consumption of nitrogen, which varies between 20 and 40 liters per hour depending on the ambient temperature. A year-long trial has established the average consumption of nitrogen by the natureFridge system to be 24 liters per hour, which at a price of around $0.13 per liter, comes to an attractive $9,360.00 a year and saves you over $2, 500.00 per trailer per year on fuel alone! Add to that further savings on maintenance, absence of cargo spoilage caused by breakdown of the refrigeration unit on the road and absence of weight loss through dry out, combine it with a bouquet of environmental benefits, and natureFridge will really start making sense!

Order the natureFridge system and start saving your money and the environment today!