natureFridge temperature controlled transport dramatically reduces carbon emissions

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Temperature controlled transport to Reduce CO2 emissions December 25, 2012

The goal of reducing the climate impact from typical temperature controlled transport can be easily achieved by switching to new type of transport refrigeration systems - natureFridge cryogenic refrigeration system. More

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Transport Refrigeration Systems Review October 26, 2012

Transport refrigeration industry mostly uses a diesel-fueled transport refrigeration unit (TRU). However modern industry trends encourage alternative technologies to take the lead in short term forecasts. This article compares diesel powered TRU with the newly introduced cryogenic transport refrigeration system natureFridge. Here we reveal facts and statistics gathered by independent authorities and us over past 10 years. More

Cost-Cutting and Revenue Enhancement with natureFridge Truck and Trailer Transport Refrigeration Units August 31, 2012

The transport refrigeration industry today mostly uses a diesel-fueled refrigeration units  to provide cooling. Several refrigeration companies such as Casino, Safeway, Woolworth, Nisa, ASDA etc are proactively trying to reduce their carbon footprints. This industry trend was partially realized  by new “green” diesel generation such as diesel electric alternator refrigeration systems of Thermoking and Carrier and compare them to our products. More

Energy Consumpions and Carbon Emission in Transport Refrigeration August 30, 2012

Diesel-engine-driven trailer refrigeration units (“TRUs”) have been the standard approach used in transport refrigeration for many years but, at the same time, they are affected by several problems such not so high efficiency and emission of large quantities of carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen and particulate matter. More

How Safe is Your Product? August 30, 2012

For refrigeration transport manufacturers the battle to reduce the environmental impact of their products must seem never-ending. First it was ozone-depleting CFC refrigerants. Today it is noise and reducing fuel consumption to reduce costs and pollutants from diesel engines. Yet, with us all  relying on temperature control for food to remain of high quality and safe to eat, there can be no trade-off with performance. More

Reefer Cargo Defrosting August 29, 2012

During the operation of diesel refrigeration units, a layer of ice will form on the evaporator coils depending on the temperature set, the temperature of the cargo, the amount of fresh air ventilation and the cargo humidity. The unit will automatically defrost on it's own, as per a schedule set by whoever initially set up the unit, for example, every 6 hours when they're set below freezing, consuming fuel for defrosting. More

Cooling Capacity and Operational Aavantures of natureFridge Temperature-Controlled Transport System Before Conventional Diesel Systems July 5, 2012

When temperature sensitive goods are transported for long periods, it is extremely important to customers that constant temperature be maintained. And this task is further complicated by changes in ambient temperature. More

Significant Environmetal Benefits and Cost Savings of natureFridge Cryogenic System for Prominent Truck and Trailer Builders such as Frappa, Lamberet and Others July 5, 2012

Increased environmental demands have made refrigerated truck and trailer manufacturers, such as Frappa, Krone and others to focus on how they can make their delivery business more efficient, reduce their environmental impact and save themselves money. More

ecoFridge Production Company Ltd Launches New natureFridge Cryogenic Transport Refrigeration System. Benefits of natureFridge Befor Conventional Diesel Systems and ecoFridge Cryogenic Systems July 5, 2012

In 2011-2012 “ecoFridge Production Company” Ltd, Ukraine has developed and has launched new natureFridge refrigeration system which can be characterized as the most efficient, reliable, ensuring, rapid system assembly and parts replacement, unique external appearance and high aerodynamic characteristics. More

NatureFridge: A Cold Evolution in Refrigeration For Vans July 5, 2012

In 2011-2012 “ecoFridge Production Company” Ltd, Ukraine has developed and has launched its new natureFridge system for refrigeration for vans which is efficient, reliable and ensuring. More

Frigoblock, Carrier and Other Transport Refrigeration Systems Manufacturers are focused on Environmental Problems. NatureFridge Cryogenic System Delivers the Future to the Cold Transport Industry July 5, 2012

Transport refrigeration systems manufacturers’ increasing attention is being focused on the ozone layer, global warming, noise pollution, environment protection problems in the discussion of refrigerants. And also the manufacturers such as Frigoblock, Carrier, Thermoking etc. are anxious about the continuously increasing energy costs of the refrigerants as well as about the energy consumption. More

Thermo King: Keeping Achieving a Cleaner Environment. NatureFridge – The Coolest Alternative for Green Transportation July 5, 2012

A lot of large refrigeration truck and trailer units and also new container units use traditional refrigerants that have an ozone-deletion factor. Transport refrigeration industry and legislation further improve quality of life by implementing healthy requirements on each step along the food-chain. More

Large Transport Refrigeration Manufacturers Such as Carrier Transicold Meet Tight Environmental Demands. NatureFridge – a Unique Cryogenic Concept July 5, 2012

Governments and customers worldwide are mandating tighter environmental and noise pollution control and more accurate temperature monitoring throughout the transport refrigeration industry. As industry grows, impact on surroundings must be minimized. More

NatureFridge Cryogenic Refrigeration System for Transport Goes Worldwide July 5, 2012

The natureFridge is a cryogenic refrigeration system that uses liquid nitrogen to cool the van and maintain low temperatures. The demand for natureFridge is largely driven by the combination of commercial and environmental advantages. More

Environmental and financial Benefits of NatureFridge System for Freezer Truck and Trailer July 5, 2012

Economical, peaceful using, environmentally friendly natureFridge system for freezer truck or trailer is a cool idea in transportation. The natureFridge does away with a traditional diesel-powered refrigeration generator on freezer truck or trailer and instead pumps liquid nitrogen into the freezer truck using two outlets to control the temperature. More

NatureFridge: Revolution in Reefer Trucks and Reefer Trailers Industry July 5, 2012

Transport refrigeration had become increasingly expensive. It is explained by the fact of the progressive growth of diesel fuel cost. This coupled with the noise and carbon emissions associated with mechanical refrigeration are driving operators of reefer trucks and reefer trailers to look for alternatives. More

NatureFridge: Economic, Fast, Safe, Quiet Cooling System for Fridge Trucks and Fridge Trailers July 5, 2012

natureFridge is a unique, environmentally friendly, low cost, fast, efficient system for fridge trucks and fridge trailers. It uses liquid nitrogen to cool the van and maintain low temperatures and can pull down to set temperature 70% faster than conventional systems for fridge trucks and fridge trailers. More

Liquid Nitrogen Based NatureFridge Refrigeration System: Alternative to Conventional Diesel Powered Systems on Cold Transport July 5, 2012

Fresh environmental concerns about CO2 emissions and noise pollution from engine-driven mechanical fridge equipment on cold transport, as well as about potential ozone layer damage from escaping chlorine-based refrigerants, has brought renewed interest in nitrogen spray alternatives. More

Benefits of NatureFridge Alternator Drive Units for Trailer Refrigeration and Truck Refrigeration Manufacturers July 5, 2012

A new cooling system called “natureFridge” is represented to trailer refrigeration and truck refrigeration manufacturers. The new fridge system is claimed to reduce carbon emissions and eliminate noise pollution. More

NatureFridge: Emission Free, Silent Running and Environmentally Friendly Nitrogen System July 5, 2012

Transport refrigeration industry generates nearly one fifth of the world’s CO2 emissions which costs great damage to the environment.  This present time there is an increased interest in environmentally friendly options concerning fridge trucks and trailers. More

NatureFridge Represents the Absolute Cutting Edge in Transport Refrigeration July 5, 2012

Ukrainian company “ecoFridge Production Company” Ltd has developed and patented a silent and environmentally friendly transport refrigeration system. More

Revolutionary New NatureFridge Cryogenic Transport Refrigeration System is Available to Refrigerated Van Operators July 5, 2012

Many produce firms are looking at alternative methods of sending their goods in a bid to ensure the flavor of the marketplace. More and more food transporters become very sensitive to environmental problems and demands and work continuously to find ways to reduce carbon footprints. More

NatureFridge as New Environmental Solution for Refrigerated Truck and Refrigerated Trailer July 5, 2012

For manufacturers of refrigeration equipment for trucks refrigerated and trailers refrigerated the battle to reduce the environmental impact of their products must seem never-ending. Today’s diesel refrigerated trucks and refrigerated trailers mostly use Hydro fluorocarbons (HFCs) and to a lesser extent Hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs). More

NatureFridge – New Spirit Among Conventional Refrigeration Systems and Also Ecofridge Cryogenic Refrigeration Systems July 4, 2012

Existing network of stores and shops for the sale of perishable products requires a continuous and uninterrupted supply of these products themselves. The perishables are delivered to the stores from big storehouses, designed for a particular region, on transport equipped with systems to maintain proper temperature. More